Welcome to the Definitive Guide to Social PR!

In this course, you will:

  • Learn the A to Z of Social PR

    Understand the ins and outs of integrated, outcome-focused, Social PR campaigns that are powered by community, content, and conversation.

  • Master Meaningful Metrics

    Learn how to design simple yet powerful measurement frameworks that tie to the bottom line and show the value of your work.

  • Learn On Your Own Time

    The course is 100% online and completely self-paced. Go through the content whenever you want, as many times as you want.

  • With Your One-time Fee, Gain Lifetime Access

    Once you enroll in the course, the content is yours for life. No ifs, ands, or buts. Which makes it one of the best deals around, bar none.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: Social PR Foundation Setting

    • Lesson 1: The 7C Social PR Framework

    • Lesson 1 Quiz

    • Lesson 2: What Makes Social PR Different

    • Lesson 2 Quiz

    • Lesson 3: Building Your 7C Social PR Foundation

    • Lesson 4: Overlaying the 7C Social PR Framework on the SLOT Analysis

    • Lesson 4 Quiz

    • Lesson 5: Understanding and Prioritizing Your Social PR Audiences

    • Lesson 5 Quiz

    • Lesson 6: 3-Step Field Guide to High Octane Listening

    • Lesson 6 Quiz

    • Lesson 7: Keyword Techniques for Data Discovery

    • Lesson 7 Quiz

    • Lesson 8: Ultra-Compact List-Building Process Map

  • 2

    Module 2: Deconstructing Social PR Content

    • Lesson 1: What Social Karma Has To Do With Social PR

    • Lesson 2: A Matrixed Approach to Messaging and Proof Points

    • Lesson 2 Quiz

    • Lesson 3: 9 Techniques for Sound Bites that Sizzle

    • Lesson 3 Quiz

    • Lesson 4: 7 SEO Hacks for Social PR

    • Lesson 4 Quiz

    • Lesson 5: Content That Converted by 300 percent Oxfam America's 2012 IWD Campaign

    • Lesson 6: Genius Social PR Content Hack

    • Lesson 7: Streamlining and Calendaring Social PR Content

  • 3

    Module 3: Optimizing Social PR Outreach

    • Lesson 1: 6 Words Without With Your Pitches Are Doomed, And the ONE Question They Must Answer

    • Lesson 1 Quiz

    • Lesson 2: The Media Advisory and the WIIFT

    • Lesson 3: 6 BIG No Good, VERY Bad, MUST NEVER DO Elements of a Pitch

    • Lesson 3 Quiz

    • Lesson 4: Perfect Pitch Process and Workflow

    • Lesson 4 Quiz

    • Lesson 5: Case Study – the Springfield CVB

    • Lesson 6: Pitching on Social Media

    • Lesson 6 Quiz

    • Lesson 7: 3 Often-Overlooked, Highly Effective Social PR Hacks

    • Lesson 8: Why Owned Media is the Key To Getting a Word In While Getting the Word Out

    • Lesson 8 Quiz

    • Lesson 9: Integrating Paid Media

    • Lesson 10: Case Study How Social PR Fueled The Blue Key Campaign

  • 4

    Module 4: Measuring Social PR Success

    • Lesson 1: The ONE Big NO GOOD, VERY Bad Measurement Acronym

    • Lesson 2: What Puppies and Kittens Taught Me, And Will Teach You, About Measurement

    • Lesson 3: The 3 Measurement Buckets And Measuring What Matters

    • Lesson 3 Quiz

    • Lesson 4: Measuring Earned Media For Oxfam America’s IWD 2012 Campaign

    • Lesson 5: Alternatives to Typical Media Metrics

    • Lesson 6: Connecting the Dots, And a 1-Page Strategy and Metrics Map

    • Lesson 7: 3 Most Useful Tools for Social PR Metrics Mavens

    • Lesson 8: Measuring the Blue Key Campaign

    • Lesson 9: Tracking for Non-Techies & Trekkies Google Analytics Campaigns and Goals

    • Lesson 9 Quiz

    • Lesson 10 : The AutoMagical Tracking URL Generating Spreadsheet

Meet Your Instructor

Shonali Burke

Shonali Burke is an award-winning marketing communication strategist with a unique ability to ethically and powerfully tell data-driven stories for social impact and equity, which she has done for organizations as varied as the ASPCA, Cirque du Soleil, Oxfam America, the United Nations Foundation, and USA for UNHCR. In October 2021, Shonali joined Washington, D.C.'s Arena Stage as Chief Marketing Officer, where she oversees its earned revenue function, marketing & communications, patron experience, analytics, and brand strategy. Shonali teaches multiple courses for The Johns Hopkins University’s M.A. in Communication program, and is a 2021 graduate of the Harvard Business Analytics Program.